6 Dec 2015

Annyeong. I didn't know what title i should put up for this post as i didn't want to turn this post into some serious thing, i thought it'd be fun to write out what i think have changed in me. I know that not alot of people would be interested, but i hope i can be the real me on this little blog of mine and i hope that it can be something i can refer to when i grow up.

1. I've never thought I'd be into Kpop.
Yes, I've never thought i would be a crazy fangirl in the future when i was in primary school. I had this acquaintance in the past who are into Kpop, and all her facebook post were about Kpop. I actually got really annoyed and unfriended her because it was spamming my newsfeed.

Fast forward to now, I'm the one who's doing that.

2. I used to like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
I'm not a fan of them, that i gotta say. I just really liked their song at that time. Funny thing is, i didn't know i liked them in the past until i found "Favourite singer: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift" written by me in my primary school notebook lmao.

Oh and now, i only have 2-3 english songs in my playlist when i have 100+ songs in total. Most of them are chinese and korean songs.

3. I don't watch Doraemon anymore.
I still remember waking up at 7 in the morning as i sit infront of the TV waiting for Doraemon to air (how did i manage to wakeup at 7 in the morning every sunday *if im not wrong, it's sunday*). I still watches Crayon Shinchan (is it obvious enough that I'm a asian lol) but not Doraemon.

4. I became more mature, just a little.
My family and friends reading this would be laughing out so loud right now but still.
I used to quarrel with my cousin when i was younger (and she's 2 years younger than me?). I think it's because our personality are really similar, you know, that im-not-gonna-lose kind of personality. So whenever we are together, we will definitely fight.
Eventually both of us got more mature so its not like we would still quarrel over whether is it duck or durk.

5. Favourite Kpop Group.
I first fell in love with BigBang (more like G-Dragon woops), then EXO (like really in love), then Infinite, then BTS. Currently it's BTS first and Infinite second.
I won't call myself a ex-VIP because I'm clear that i was only attracted by GD, but i do think that they're the strongest Kpop male group (other than Suju), and that their music are always on point.
Fun fact: some of the BTS members are a fanboy of Bigbang members ;)

Until next time.

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