Not An Update

26 Dec 2015

*clears throat* Well hello there, I'm back with a not an update - update. It might seem like I haven't blogged in awhile, but i actually did posted a post under Blogging. However, i reverted it to draft as i was told by a kind soul that the method i used would cause error. Here I apologize for not finding more informations before publishing it. So, I'm gonna use this useless-and-boring update to make up for the previous mistake. Sounds.. great..!

Oh and btw, this blog is going through some changes too. Like a new name? (Not again?!)
By the time you see this post, the name are most probably changed. SORRY IM JUST A VERY FICKLE PERSON THAT NEEDS A TIGHT SLAP. I will try my best to stick with one name. I always says this but still changes my mind ugh.

Update: i bought a domain name just to force myself to stick with it. (remember when i mentioned in my past post that i think buying domains name or templates are a waste of money? now im eating my own words, womp pomp.)

+ J-Dramas really.
Back then before K-dramas, J-Dramas was the popular ones. In my brother's generation atleast (the 90's woo). I went on hunting spree for some nice J-Dramas since there isnt any new K-Dramas out and they are fine af /faints/. I can smell post on "J-Dramas You Should Watch" coming soon. I'm very international when it comes to dramas though, as long as theres good looking male lead (=´∀`).

+ Scared to death that December is ending soon.
If you remember, i did a sorta update post previously around the start of holiday. And now holiday are already ending fml. I was like "wait what? 2 weeks and school will be starting? wtf?? where have i been wasting my time on? oh yeah dramas and mangas."
I'm not even exaggerating here, for a minute i couldn't think of anything other than what i should do when school starts. All i can do is to watch as the day passes by.

+ Searching for Shoujo mangas.

The typical things i do tbh. Whats new. I honestly feel that i don't have enough mangas to read *cries a river*. But I have alot of mangas to introduce though. Wait am i contradicting myself? whatever. You know, being at the age of 14, fantasies can get a little cray cray.

+ Giving makeup a try.
Ever since i watched Michelle Phan's Barbie makeup tutorial, i fell in love with makeup. I watched tons of makeup tutorials but never really try them. I even asked my brother to buy a eyeshadow palette (it has two palette in one) for me on my birthday and he did. Sadly, i never use it, not even once.
I do apply eyeliner on the waterline and lipstick/lipgloss, but only on special events like weddings and chinese new year.

Anyways, i bought a liquid eyeliner, lipstick, and a eyebrow kit. I'm kind of scared to put them on but I'm so excited to share my reviews at the same time.

Until next time.

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