Oh It's 2017

15 Jan 2017

Oh wow, it's 2017! Honestly don't feel like 2016 ended... This is so embarrassing; I actually wanted this post to be up on the January 1st of 2017, but I guess it would be the 10-15th when this post is up but yeah man. First week of 2017 kinda ended and I'm already dead inside. I mean, I'm dead inside long ago, but 2017's first week was stress af. Gotta blame myself for not being able to manage my own time right, but holy! I was legit squeezing all my brain juice while trying to complete my holiday assignments.

4 days into 2017 and I already have the urge to stab myself in the stomach, I can't imagine how badly I'm gonna do for the rest of it. Gosh! I'm starting my first blog post in 2017 on a negative note, but this is so fucking me, I can't deny it.

You know how every time a new year begins, the teachers in school would ask you about your New Year Resolution? And everytime, I will be that student who go "Um, I don't have one". But this year, I kinda have one. Or should I say that I don't have a choice but to have one. When your major exams are coming, you don't really go all care-free (unless you want to fail all of them?). Shameless plug, check put my previous post about my 2017 check list/goals/new year resolution idk.

Have a great year, enjoy whatever you're doing now, drink lots of water.

Until next time.

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