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27 Nov 2017

An update on my life after a month? Yeah... I was originally planning to make it a weekly update on my life, but I realized my life aren't that full of fun and sparkles. So, I guess maybe a monthly update will do?


+ Attended my school's last graduation night. Here's a post dedicated to what I did for the gradnight. Oh, graduation night is also known as prom by the way!

+ Doubting myself on my ear infection. I got an ear infection two months ago when I had bronchitis, now I'm not sure whether have I fully recovered from my ear infection. Apparently I kinda forget how my "normal hearing" were, but I guess it'd definitely be better if I visit a doctor.

+ Finding a part-time job. Since it's holiday now, I'm planning on finding a part-time job and walk-in for interviews. I can see myself updating you guys on it once I've found one lol.

+ Since I haven't found a physical part-time job, yet. I'm currently doing some online part-time where I help to promote an online job. The pay is small but atleast I'm earning something.


I will no longer include dramas in this section, but instead I will be moving my update on dramas to my List, where I share about my recommendation of dramas and the list of the latest dramas I watched. However, I will still be talking about the recent movies, series, YouTube videos and variety shows I watched!

Dad Where Are We Going Season 5
It's a China TV series where five fathers and their children will be traveling to different rural places. Season 5 is a hit as all the childrens are really adorable, and you can feel the bonding within the 5 different family. I adore all the childrens but Jasper melts my heart the most! His parents are actually known to be hot tempered and fierce amongst the circle of China celebrities, but Jasper however turns out to be super gentle and caring. The contrast makes everyone love the interaction between Jasper and his father even more. Check out Season five Episode one here! I managed to find the english sub version for you buds.


Mic Drop - BTS (Steve Aoki remix ft. Desiigner)

These two songs are currently on replay for a while now heh. Sorry for those who's not a fan of Chinese song *shrugs*

勇敢爱 - Mi2

爱的就是你 - 刘佳

Lastly, I finally made some noticeable changes to my blog appearance! I guess I learned from Èlise that the most noticeable change one can make, except purchasing a new blog template, is to tweak the blog's color scheme. I dropped by Hannah's blog and absolutely adore that red color thing going on there, so I dm-ed her on Twitter about it and she replied with the kindest response. I started off with finding the shade of red I want and settled with one that's just a tad bit darker than Hannah's. I then realize that it's too similar, and I'd like something that gives off the feeling of a "powerful woman with red lips" (not like I'm that powerful gal but well) kinda vibe, so I went crazy trying to search for the shade of red I want. After nearly an hour spent on this website, I found this bold shade you're currently seeing on my menu.

I'd like to say thank you to Èlise who inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and tweak my blog's color scheme; thank you to Hannah who inspired me to go with the color red and for being so kind when I reached out to her.

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